History of Crop Science Society of the Philippines

Learn about the history of CSSP from our founders led by National Scientist Emil Q. Javier, together with National Scientists Ricardo M. Lantican and Dolores A. Ramirez, and Academician Ruben L. Villareal.

About us

The Crop Science Society of the Philippines is organized to promote human welfare through the discovery and dissemination of knowledge concerning nature, utilization, improvement and interrelationships of plants and their environment, and not the least of all, the people. The society seeks to:

Promote basic and applied research on crops and related sciences

Foster high quality education in crop science

Encourage professional advancement among its members

Make current information available to workers in related fields and to the public

Cooperate with other organizations in the solution of problems encountered in crop production

Thus, the Society holds a yearly scientific conference and publishes The PHILIPPINE JOURNAL OF CROP SCIENCE. All persons actively interested in any field of crop science are eligible for membership.

CSSP is also a member of the Philippine Association of the Agriculturists (PAA) and the Federation of Plant Science Associations of the Philippines (FPSAP), and is accredited SEC Reg No.95469 by the Republic of the Philippines Securities and Exchange Commission. 

Become a CSSP member

1.A New Member

  • Accomplish membership form (CSSP Form No. 1_Membership form)

1.B Old Member

  • Renewal form (CSSP Form No. 2_Renewal form)

2. Corresponding fees

  • Regular membership: Php 500.00 (inclusive of 1 year fee) | Foreign Regular membership: $30 USD
    • Pay for the annual dues Php 200.00 | $10 USD (Foreign)
  • Lifetime membership: Php 3,000.00 | Foreign Lifetime membership: $100 USD
  • CSSP Landbank (UPLB) Account
    • Account Name: Crop Science Society of the Philippines, Inc. or CSSP
    • Account No.: 1891065805
3. Scan/print screen/ screen shot copy of proof of payment
4. Send the copy of renewal form and proof of payment to cssp.org@gmail.com (Subject: CSSP Membership or Renewal)

Contact us

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