Amended Crop Science Society of the Philippines by laws


SECTION 1. Annual Meeting – The annual meeting of the members shall be held during the annual scientific conference of the society, which is held not later than May 31 every year at the conference venue to be determined by the Board.

SECTION 2. Special Meetings – Special Meetings of the members shall be called by the President of the Society. During such meetings, the President shall render his report to the members regarding the activities of the society.

Special meetings may be called as the need thereof arises, by the Board of Trustees or the President or upon petition of 1/3 of the general membership.

SECTION 3. Notices – Notices of the date, time, and place of annual and special meetings of the members shall be given either personally or by special delivery mail, at least one week before the date for such meeting. In urgent cases, the notice may be communicated at least two days before the meeting personally or by telephone, or by telegram, if contact is not possible. The notice of every special meeting shall state briefly the purpose of the meeting. No
other business shall be considered at such meeting, except with the consent of all members present thereat.

SECTION 4. Waiver of Notice – Notice of meeting may be waived verbally by any member attending it.

SECTION 5. Quorum – A quorum for any meeting of the members shall consist of a majority of the members attending the annual scientific conference and a majority of such quorum may decide on any question that may arise during the meeting, except those matters where the society constitution requires the affirmative vote of greater proportion.

SECTION 6. Order of Business – The order of business at the annual meeting of the members shall be as follows:

           1. Proof of service of the required notice of meeting, except when such notice is waived by the members constituting a quorum;
           2. Proof of the presence of a quorum;
           3. Reading and approval of the minutes of the previous annual meeting, except when such reading is dispensed with by a majority vote of those present;
           4. Unfinished business;
           5. Report of the President;
           6. Report of the Treasurer
           7. Election of Trustees for the ensuing year;
           8. Other matters

The order of business at any meeting may be changed by a vote of majority of the members present.


SECTION 1. Board of Trustees –The corporate powers of the Society shall be exercised, its business conducted and its property controlled by the Board of Trustees composed of six officers and five members.

SECTION 2. Qualifications – Only bonafide members of the Society shall be eligible for election to the Board of Trustees.

SECTION 3. Term of office – The members of the Board Trustees shall hold office for a maximum of two consecutive terms at three years each. They will be entitled to re-election to the Board after one year respite from office. In case the Vice President is on the last year in office, extension of one year is provided to enable service as the next President.

SECTION 4. Disqualification of Trustees or Officers – No member convicted by final judgment of an offense punishable by imprisonment for a period exceeding six (6) ears, or a violation of this date, committed within five (5) years prior to the date of his election or appointment, shall qualify as a Board member or officer.